New Image Repository: Bird Family & Grand Rapids

After collecting, scanning, and inventorying many photo’s of the Bird family, relatives, and friends I finally uploaded them to this new image repository.  Thanks to Marcy Perry who helped re-name and correct date’s for many images of Dick and Leone’s relatives.   If you want to see these images click the URL below:

Exporting An Outlook Contact Folder As A Collection Of Vcard (.vcf) Files

I recently wanted to export my contacts to individual .VCF files for backup purposes and also have the ability to import them into other programs. There are ways to do this for a few contacts at a time by forwarding them in email to yourself or performing File -> SaveAs operations, but they suffer from scaling issues when you have many contacts export.

I authored this VBScript Outlook MACRO to export any Outlook Contact folder one afternoon.

View the article and code at this URL:

2019 – Spring In Florida

Eric & Susan are spending a lilttle more time at our mobile in Port Charlotte, Florida now that Eric is in full retirement-mode. We arrived in mid-Februrary and will stay through mid-April. Fred and Lissa Burgoon arrived soon therafter for a 1 month stay too. Weather has been great, warm, and we all are building our tans! Recently, the mosquitoes have been annoying. Here are pictures of our recent stay.

Sue/Eric Visit Leone Jan 2019

Sue and I visited Leone in late January 2019 the day before the “big chill” when the temperature fell to -23 in Naperville for 2 days. We left in a wind storm. Luckily, there was no traffic due to the alerts, so we made it without issue. Leone is doing well and Sue worked on collecting taxes and filing… Eric sat around and watched TV. This is what the house looked like from the lake. Were driving home Superbowl Sunday hoping it won’t rain too much!

At Our Port Charlotte Home — 2018 December

Arrived at our home in Port Charlotte, FL. early Dec for the month.  Been relaxing for a couple weeks and saw this great sunset last night.  Could not help sharing it here…  We also had dinner with Dee and Jerry a couple days ago.  Will return to Illinois on 12/30 for a couple months, then back to FL Mar/Apr timeframe!