2018 Apple Cider Century 9/30/2018 – 34th Consecutive Year

My friends and I completed yet another Apple Cider Century bike ride.   I’ve rode every year since 1986; 34 years straight.  Eric Claeys has only missed riding a couple years;  Jacques and Marianne missed a couple more.  This year was scheduled to be a rain-fest, but the weather magically cleared up during the night for a beautiful morning of riding.  I rode 50 miles over 2 days.  I’m shooting for 50 straight years, but will have to depend on my health and home location in the coming years.  I rode the shortest of the bunch and completed a shorter route (30 miles) since Susan did not ride and we had to travel to Grand Rapids that day for her fathers memorial service a couple of days later.  I miss Dick already.  Eric C, Jacques and Marianne were on track to ride the 50 mile route.  Congratulations to them!

Sue’s father: Richard L. Bird, Passes Away 9/4/2018

After a short illness and hospice stay, Sue’s father: Richard (Dick) Bird, passed away on 9/4/2019.  He was 94 years old and lived a full life.

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Richard L. Bird, 93, of Rockford MI, died peacefully on Tuesday, September 4, 2018. Richard is survived by his loving wife of 71 years, Leone (Dutkiewicz) Bird; his daughters, Susan (Eric) Edberg, Melissa (Fred) Burgoon, and Marcy (Virgil) Perry; his grandchildren Nathan Perry and Marissa (Danny) Horne. He is preceded in death by his parents, Lyle and Tillie (Scholpp) Bird, his only brother, Carroll, and grandson, Richard (Ricky) Burgoon. Richard graduated from Rockford HS in 1943 and was valedictorian of his class. He served as a Sergeant in the US Army during WW II. After his service, he attended the University of Michigan. Richard started his career in 1950 with International Harvester and after transferring to many different cities, he retired in 1983 and moved back on Bostwick Lake. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Our Lady of Consolation Church in Rockford or Great Lakes Caring Hospice. Visitation and a memorial mass will be scheduled later.

Data Distribution Analysis Metrics Using JavaScript

One of my Alcatel-Lucent projects was to author methods and procedures to collect and analyze data collected from the execution of  LTE cellular data throughput downloads under various testing scenarios.  Ajaxtest was the JavaScript application I authored to perform download throughput tests and analyze results.  The reporting module contained a JavaScript application class that analyzed the raw data set producing a Histogram and normalized standard deviation/error plots.

<CLICK HERE> to load a demo that analyzes a user-provided data set, displays results and a histogram.  There are numerous additional options used to validate and format the data which is not included in this simple example.  Hint:  Inspect the JavaScript for code that actually calculates results…

In our tests, we often collected 100 samples that would provide a “normalized” distribution.  The more samples collected, the better chance Ajaxtest would return a normalized distribution.  Often, you must review result data to prune invalid and/or outliers as LTE TCP downloads are sometimes affected by uncontrolled factors due to the variable nature of the internet.  Some features that are not contained in the Ajaxtest demo above include methods to automatically detect and prune outliers using standard deviation and other calculations.  Ajaxtest reporting also analyze 2 simultaneous test results comparing results between the TCP optimized and non-TCP-optimized flows executing at the same time.

These tests were executed by Alcatel-Lucent / Nokia system test and field installation teams to validate performance improvements when routing LTE data traffic over the “TCP split-tunnel” network equipment that our company developed and deployed into Verizon’s LTE network.  This equipment  increased data throughput (decreased load time) between 10-50% over non-optimized traffic depending on the size of the data sample as validated by Ajaxtest.

Sue & Eric at Morton Arboretum Origami Exhibit

Sue and Eric took a peek at the Morton Arboretum Origami Exhibit on Sat July 20, 2017.  We saw a who bunch of Origami-based statues that were originally made from paper forms and then replicated as metal sculptures…    The day was absolutely perfect;  sunny around 80 degrees…

<CLICK HERE> to see a collection of photos that Eric took…

My First VHL Fish

Caught my first fish in the Village Of Holiday Lake lake the first time we tried….  I think it’s a Tilapia although friends of the Burgoon’s state it’s a Crappie.  Been fishing the canal for 10 years and my brother-in-law only caught 1.  We were also toying with a 5′ alligator who came when he heard the lures plopping in the water….

Birgit Evelyn Cier Funeral

Eric’s aunt:  Birgit Evelyn Cier, passed away on 01/29/2017 due to complications from a broken hip and stroke.   Birgit will be missed by the entire Edberg  clan including her long-time friends in Phoenix, relatives from the Hilton and Metz families, and Susan Edberg whom Birgit considered a daughter at the end.

  • The funeral home obituary is <HERE>
  • Text of Susan Edberg’s Eulogy is <HERE>
  • Text of Kathy Stapes Eulogy read by Eric Edberg is <HERE>
  • Text of one of the pastor’s Holy Gospel reading is <HERE>
  • A short album of pictures are posted <HERE>

Please say a prayer for Birgit and remember her fondly.

Danny Horne & Marissa Perry Wedding – 2016/10/15

Our niece, daughter of Sue’s sister Marcy & Virgil Perry, married Danny Horne on Sat, October 15th 2016 in Oregon.  Sue and I, along with numerous relatives and friends attended to celebrate their union.  Eric Edberg took a few pictures which are posted <HERE> on 10/16.  Additional images will be added in the near future.

Good luck Marissa and Danny in your new partnership together!